About Oventus

Oventus is a Australian-based medical device company established in 2012. In 2013, Oventus worked with the CSIRO to develop a new style of bespoke mouthguard that has the potential to change the lives of millions of snorers and people with sleep-disordered breathing around the world.

The result is the O2Vent (formerly the Oventus Clearway Device) – an oral device with a unique separate airway incorporated into its patented design.

Oventus aims to become a world leader in sleep-disordered breathing treatment by commercialising a suite of revolutionary oral devices like this that provide increased airflow to people who snore and suffer from sleep-disordered breathing.

The company is managed by founder and Clinical Director Dr Chris Hart BSc. BDSc.(Hons) M.Phil.(Cantab), Chief Executive Officer Neil Anderson and VP Global Sales and Marketing Elise Hogan.

Oventus O2VentTM T Vent - How it Works