Clinical Results

Recent clinical trials of the O2Vent have shown it is effective not only for people who snore, but also for people with obstructive sleep apnea, particularly those with nasal obstruction or who are CPAP intolerant.

The recent clinical trial demonstrated:

  • Snoring was eliminated in 82% of patients and reduced in all 100% of patients.
  • AHI was reduced from 41.8+/-26.5 to 16.2+/-15.4 events per hour or 62.5+/-21.1% from baseline.
  • 76% of patients reduced AHI by more than 50%.
  • There was no difference in response rate between those with and without nasal congestion.
  • Average patient use was six nights per week, and seven hours per night.
  • FDA-cleared as OVENT rebranded as O2VentTM.
  • Australian clinical trial data (2015).