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Common symptoms of sleep disorders

Drowsiness, grumpiness, lack of concentration, headaches, dry mouth, sore throat — these are common symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), but you may not realise the cause, as it occurs while you sleep. Sleep apnea is a common problem, but it often goes undiagnosed. As sleep disorder specialists, Oventus can provide cutting-edge sleep apnea treatments to help you sleep soundly, stop snoring, and get back to living an energetic and fulfilling life.

The Oventus Treatment Platform

If you’ve identified that you suffer from snoring or obstructive sleep apnea, Oventus may have a solution to suit you. Oral devices are not generally accepted as the first-line treatment for sleep apnea but may be suitable treatment for some patients, those intolerant to CPAP and those with, and without, nasal obstructions. That’s why diagnosis and monitoring by a suitably qualified healthcare professional is required.

Obstructions of the nose and soft palate are major contributors to sleep apnea. We have developed a sleep disorder treatment platform for snoring and OSA with a range of custom mouthguards that incorporate Oventus Airway Technology – a unique airway or ‘second nose’ built into its patented design, to bypass these obstructions.

The Unique O2VentTM Oral Devices offer three key benefits



The O2VentTM custom mouthguard devices are custom made for you to provide a perfect fit. Made from a titanium core inserted into soft mouthguards, these lightweight sleep apnea treatment devices weigh only 35 grams (1.23 oz). The streamlined design has enabled an airway to be built into the device whilst not obstructing the tongue.



The lightweight device has no mask or complicated machines attached, so it is easy to take with you as you travel, and store during the day when not in use.


Oventus Airway Technology — The Second Nose

Each O2VentTM device has an airway incorporated into it about the size of a healthy human nostril. Air enters the mouth and is delivered to the back of the throat, so you can breathe through the device while maintaining an oral seal, to avoid a dry mouth or sore throat.

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